Giving to Shreiner   Scholars Program

A New Direction for Schreiner University’s Scholars Program

Before stepping down from Schreiner University's presidency in 1996, Dr. Sam M. Junkin initiated the Schreiner Student Sponsorship Program to address the growing need for student financial aid. The concept was based on his own experience that donors often enjoy knowing and following the progress of the beneficiaries of their generosity.

The Student Sponsorship Program has been a great success since it was first conceived, providing a firm financial foundation for a generation of aspiring, hard-working students who have been paired with a community of generous donors.

As of the 2006-07 academic year, the Student Sponsorship Program is being re-named the Schreiner Scholars Program, and it is being significantly enhanced, providing a greater number of options for donors and more opportunities for students.

Schreiner Scholars ProgramScholars will expand beyond the old Sponsorship program to include freshmen and nursing students, and in doing so it will help Schreiner recruit and retain the best undergraduate scholars, and will also provide aid to our valuable nursing students.
Scholars will begin providing support to the existing Presidential Scholarships, currently unfunded aid provided to our best and brightest students.

There will be additional participation levels compared with the previous program, so that donors can help a scholar at the financial level at which they are most comfortable.

Participation levels will be based on average student need instead of cost of tuition, so donations will be targeted to where they will do the most good for students in need of assistance.

Finally, donors will have the ability to specify which student they want to support, instead of being assigned a student, as in the past.

The Office of Financial Aid will continue to select the students who will participate in the program, but sponsors may choose their sponsored student from among those with a particular church affiliation, who reside in a specific city or area, who are in pursuit of a certain field of study, or any other criteria of special interest to the sponsor. Schreiner will assist sponsors in their search for the exact student who they want to support.

Students who qualify for the program must prove financial need and must meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The University will automatically renew Scholars grants each successive year until graduation from Schreiner as long as the student remains qualified. However, a donor is under no obligation to continue their sponsorship from year to year. Gifts to fund a Scholar grant are tax deductible to the full extent of IRS code.

The Scholars program puts a human face on philanthropy. Sponsors are often individuals who want to make a significant difference in a student's life, but sponsors may also be churches, foundations, other nonprofit entities, or businesses that have the same desire to help a deserving student reach his or her educational goals at Schreiner.

The student who is helped by the generosity of a sponsor — even if that donor chooses to remain anonymous — learns an important lesson about sharing, and many times after graduation they become benefactors themselves.

With your help, a deserving student will have an opportunity that he or she may not otherwise have been able to afford: the chance to continue studying at Schreiner University; the chance to expand the spiritual, moral and educational growth they first sought here; and the chance to become a leader for tomorrow's church and community.