Disciplinary Procedures

If the offender is a student, he or she will be subject to the due processes of University policy for their respective home campus regardless of any civil or criminal action that may be pending as a result of the violation. All disciplinary hearings will adhere to the procedures for notification, evidence, counsel/advisors, burden of responsibility, records, findings, and appeals as outlined in the home campus Student Handbook. University sanctions may include but are not limited to probation, mandatory participation in specific awareness or rehabilitation programs and/or suspension or expulsion from the University. In all hearings, both the accused and accuser will have the same opportunities to present their version of the facts. They can also present other evidence in support of the case including witnesses, and they may question evidence presented. When accused of sexual assault on campus both the victim and the accused will be informed of the outcome of any disciplinary proceedings. Again, the outcome of a hearing is the University's final determination with respect to the alleged sex offense and sanctions that are imposed and does not address other civil or criminal actions against the accused.

For complete information involving disciplinary procedures and sanctions, refer to the SU Student Handbook.