Missing Persons Procedure

As stated in the Student Handbook

According to HEA Missing Person Procedure it is required that all students who reside on university property supply a “missing person’s contact”. This contact will be notified only in the event that a residential student is identified as missing.

Notification procedures are as follows:

a. The institution will notify the person designated in the student’s files as the “missing person contact” with in 24 hours of the determination.

b. If deemed necessary the institution may notify local law enforcement authorities prior to the student’s designated “missing person contact” of all situational and personal information and evidence within 24 hours of the determination.

c. If the student if under 18 or not an emancipated youth the institution will notify the custodial parent or legal guardians immediately upon the determination.

All “missing person contact” information will be stored and maintained in The Office of Residence Life.