Reporting Crimes

Full-time student (undergraduate): A student enrolled for 12 or more semester credits, 12 or more quarter credits, or 24 or more contact hours a week each term.

It is Schreiner University’s policy to ensure that all reportable incidents are included in its crime statistics. The university requires that all institutional officials with campus security authority be aware of their responsibility to notify the head of security of any and all reportable incidents. In addition, the university maintains a reciprocal agreement with the Kerrville Police Department to share crime statistics on a monthly basis.

The University strongly encourages individuals and organizations to promptly report crimes and emergencies that occur either on campus or off-campus to the police department having jurisdiction. At the SU Campus, crimes should also be reported to either Campus Security (, telephone (830) 739-1111, or the SU Campus Safety at (830) 792-7450.  Campus Security personnel will ensure that crimes reported directly to the University are also reported to the Student Life having jurisdiction. Victims reporting crimes to the University are encouraged to file a police report of the incident where it will be assigned a case number and officially investigated. If a suspect is identified, the case can be referred to the District Attorney's Office and that office will decide if there is enough evidence to prosecute. Each criminal violation is considered one offense for statistical reporting.