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Greystone Preparatory Academy and School

Preparatory Academy and School at Schreiner University


The Greystone Preparatory Academy is a college-level, academy preparatory program. If you are serious about re-application to a military service academy and searching for a college-level program where you can earn up to 38 college credits and is designed to meet your individual academic needs, look no further than Greystone.

Students should complete the undergraduate application, but should select “Greystone” as the student type on the very first question of the application. This will customize all questions to be Greystone-specific. Students will need to submit official transcripts and official ACT/SAT scores along with a resume and essay. Letters of recommendation are not required but encouraged. All materials can be sent to the Schreiner University Office of Admission. Once all documents are received, the Greystone Admission Committee will review and make an admission decision into the program.

Greystone students are only eligible for the Greystone Scholarship upon admission. Because Greystone students are not seeking a degree, they are not eligible for federal student aid (FAFSA) or VA benefits according to the federal government. We will be happy to assist families in payment plans options and private loan options. Students are also encouraged to look for outside scholarships.

The Greystone Scholarship is tuition specific.

The Greystone Scholarship for 2016-2017 is $6,474. Students who receive academy sponsorship will receive an additional $500. Academy sponsorship must be pursued and obtained by the student and their family.