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History & Traditions

Our Rich History

Schreiner Old PhotoFounded in 1923, Schreiner is an independent and coeducational university with a rich history steeped in Texas heritage and tradition.

The school was founded by Captain Charles Schreiner; a Hill Country rancher, merchant and former Texas Ranger. Captain Schreiner asked the Presbyterian Church to help him create “facilities for high grade instruction and military training for boys and young men as preparation for college and university work." He donated land along the Guadalupe River to accommodate the new school.

Schreiner's first students arrived in 1923 from remote ranching communities. News of the prep school and its nurturing atmosphere spread quickly. Soon scores of young men from the Southwest and several Central and South American countries, gathered in Kerrville to earn their high school diplomas and junior college degrees.Schreiner Old Classroom

By 1971 the military training was discontinued and the school became fully coeducational. In 1973, Schreiner phased out its high school and strengthened its college curricula. In 1981, the college became a four-year institution, graduating its first baccalaureate class three years later. Only a decade after, Schreiner College was listed as one of the top regional liberal arts colleges in the western United States by the prestigious U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges Guide. In February 2001, the Board of Trustees voted to change from Schreiner College to Schreiner University.

Traditions at Schreiner University

  • Schreiner Fight Song
    Sung to the tune of "On, Wisconsin," Schreiner's fight song lyrics were written mid-century by Sam Junkin, who was then a Schreiner student but destined to become the college's third president. “On, Wisconsin!" was regarded by John Philip Sousa as "the finest of college marching songs."   Click here to play mp3

    Fight for Schreiner.
    Fight for Schreiner.
    Fight to win this game.
    Down the foe team,
    On we go team,
    On to Vic—to—ry.
    Raise our banner,
    Shout Hosanna,
    Glory to her name.
    Fight te—am, Fight—Fight—Fight
    For Schreiner’s fame.

  • The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Campus 
    "The Order" was originally established in 1926 and currently serves as Schreiner's traditions council. It is an elite group of 12 students—one for each member of Schreiner's first graduating class—whose primary goal is to preserve and promote Schreiner's rich history and traditions. The Order hosts events and spirit rallies throughout the year and aims to enrich each student's Mountaineer experience. The Order embodies three foundational principles: pride, scholarship and teamwork.
  • Mountaineer Days
    Orientation to prepare you to become a true mountaineer!
  • Quad Fountain
    While definitely not encouraged, we cannot deny that generations of students have enjoyed creating a fantasy of bubbles in the Quad fountain under cover of darkness.
  • President's Breakfast
    Every month Schreiner's president asks students to join him for breakfast, where they talk about school, pets, parking, and anything else that may come up, in a comfortable, casual setting.
  • Brown-Bag Lunches 
    Throughout the year, some of the University's Trustees meet with students over a brown-bag lunch to talk, whether it's related to school or not.
  • Town Hall Meetings 

    The Student Government Association conducts Town Hall meetings where the campus comes together to discuss issues and new initiatives.

  • Trustee Meetings 

    The Board of Trustees dedicates lunch solely to students, where they exchange ideas about all areas of the University's operations.