Human Resource Services:  Jobs Filled

Jobs Filled @ Schreiner University
Jobs Filled Positions are posted on this page once they are filled. This web page takes the place of any email or letter notifications to applicants on positions being filled.

If you need further information or assistance, please contact us at:
(830) 792-7435 or email


Recent Positions Filled

Staff positions filled:
Financial Aid Counselor
Custodian I
Assistant Controller
Groundskeeper I
Network Administrator
Director of Center for Quantitative Literacy (CQL)
Administrative Specialist MFC
File Clerk
 HSI STEM Grant Institutional Research Associate
HSI STEM Grant Program Director
Admission Counselor
HSI STEM Grant Administrative Specialist

Faculty positions filled:
Assistant Professor of History
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Instructor of Visual Art
Assistant Professor of English
Assistant Professor of Biology
Assistant Professor of Music

Positions in progress:
Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Changing Global Society
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Director of Communications
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Assistant Professor of Education
Health Advisor
Administrative Officer Academic Affairs