Employee Recognition


At Schreiner University, praise and recognition are essential to our outstanding workplace. Employees are respected and valued for their contribution and recognition is critical. Our employee recognition program is designed to recognize and reward behaviors that support the Mission, Vision and Values of Schreiner University.

The purpose is to identify employees who serve as models to the university community, to reinforce the University’s commitment to recognizing outstanding performance, and to promote a greater sense of community by providing formal opportunities to celebrate the accomplishments of our most valuable resource, the human capital of Schreiner University.

While these awards offer a wide range of opportunities to recognize employee performance, the intention is not to reduce or eliminate the significance of informal appreciation and recognition. Daily recognition from supervisors and colleagues are highly encouraged as informal recognition remains vital to the well-being and morale of Schreiner University.

The Employee Recognition Awards are presented to employees each year in May. The four distinctive awards presented to employees include the following:

  President’s Award for Excellence
Rising Star
Captain Schreiner’s Leadership Award
Learning by Heart Award

A Staff Recognition Committee, comprised of employees from across campus, reviews all nominations for each award. If best judgment concludes that no candidate meets the level of expectations specific to the award criteria, an award may not be presented. Specific to the President’s Award for Excellence, a panel of finalists is submitted to the President of the University for selection.

Each member of the Staff Recognition Committee is appointed on a 2-year term basis and led by the Office of Human Resources Services. Selection criteria and award descriptions are detailed here within.

The President’s Award for Excellence is presented twice each year, in October and May.


President's Award for Excellence - Amanda Thomson, Assistant Director for Center for Teaching and Learning

MAY 2016                                                                                                                                       President's Award for Excellence - Denise Ames, Assistant Director Financial Aid
Rising Star Award - Bryan Benway, Assistant Director Admissions
Captain Schreiner Leadership Award - Ariel Leary, Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Judicial Affairs
Learning by Heart Award - Darlene Bannister, Registrar

President's Award for Excellence - Matt Goodwyn, Assistant Dean of Students

MAY 2015
President's Award for Excellence - Ron Macosko, Athletics Director
Rising Star Award - Ariel Leary, Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Judicial Affairs
Captain Schreiner Leadership Award - Wendy Blaettner, Human Resource Services Director
Learning by Heart Award - Toni Bryant, Dean for Enrollment Services, Director of Financial Aid

Prior Years Recognition for the following Award recipients:
People Are Tops (PAT), Star Staffers, You Make a Difference and Leadership


PAT - Wade Morgan, Athletics, February 2015

PAT - Katie Woolery, BSN Program, October 2014 - People Are Tops
PAT - Kent Shane, Auxiliary Services, May 2014
Star Staffer - Caleb Ambrose. Admission
Star Staffer - Cindy Becker, President's Office
Star Staffer - Toni Bryant, Admission & Financial Aid
Star Staffer - Barbara Davis, Facilities Services
Star Staffer - Joyce Lespreance, Facilities Services
Star Staffer - Janie Newton, Human Resource Services
Star Staffer - Caroline Randall, Admission
Star Staffer - Cathy Scozzari, Human Resource Services
Star Staffer - Cindy Sengel, Facilities Services
Star Staffer - Lori Smith, RN to BSN Program
Star Staffer - Janie Stratton, Financial Services
Star Staffer - Jennifer Terry, Enterprise Technology Services
You Make a Difference - Tammi Roach, Auxiliary Services
Leadership Award - Larry Cantu, Enrollment Services
PAT - Matt Goodwyn, Assistant Dean of Students, March 2014

PAT - Michael Friederich, Security, October 2013
PAT - Toni Bryant, Financial Aid, May 2013
PAT - Pierre Charlotin, Facilities Services, March 2013


PAT - Stacy Young, Security, October 2012
PAT - Breanna Nidever, May 2012
PAT - Julie Abernathy, Admission & Financial Aid, February 2012

PAT - Barbara von Brandt-Siemers, Business Office, October 2011
PAT - Sherry Teel, Environment Management, May 2011
PAT - Isabel Yanez, Environment Management, February 2011

PAT - Evelyn Rolfe, Financial Aid, October 2010
PAT - Eldon Sheffer, Advancement & Public Affairs, May 2010
PAT - Chris Anderson, Environment Management, February 2010

PAT - Beth Bourland, University Relations, November 2009
PAT - Denise Ames, Financial Aid, August 2009
PAT - Jared Jones, Administrative Technology, May 2009
PAT - James Whetstone, Environment Management, February 2009

PAT - Jennifer Doss, Sandra Langley & Cathy Scozzari, Human Resources, November 2008
PAT - Debbie Burress, Advancement & Public Affairs, August 2008
PAT - Stephanie Ramirez, Residence Life, May 2008
PAT - Julie Fisher, Learning Support Services, February 2008

PAT - Duane Whitlow, Health & Wellness, November 2007
PAT - Paula Repka, Sciences & Mathematics, August 2007
PAT - Barbara Davis, Environment Management, May 2007
PAT - Susan Carver, Advancement & Public Affairs, February 2007

PAT - Sylvia Coday, Professional Studies, November 2006
PAT - Tony Cantu, Environment Management, August 2006
PAT - Lane Barrington, Office of the President, May 2006
PAT - Tim Ajax, Administrative Technology, February 2006

PAT - Dan Brown, Instructional Technology, November 2005
PAT - Joyce Lespreance, Student Affairs, August 2005
PAT - Pat Browne, Advancement & Public Affairs, May 2005
PAT - Sandra Langley, Advancement & Public Affairs, February 2005

PAT - Terri Van Kirk, Admission, November 2004
PAT - Cathy Scozzari, Human Resources, August 2004
PAT - Searle Crate, Instructional Technology, May 2004
PAT - Gordon Findlay, Student Services, February 2004

PAT - Bill Boyd, Environment Management, November 2003
PAT - Erin Saluta, Campus Recreation, August 2003
PAT - Mary Ann Parker, Liberal Arts, May 2003
PAT - Mignonne Frantzen, Advancement & Public Affairs, February 2003

PAT - Terri Danz, Business Office, November 2002
PAT - Nydia Kent, Administrative Technology, August 2002
PAT - LaVonne Miller, Teacher Education, May 2002
PAT - Michael Aubrey, Environment Management, February 2002

PAT - Donna Keeling, Admission, November 2001
PAT - Frances Hatch, Logan Library, August 2001
PAT - Ylanda Copeland, Logan Library, May 2001
PAT - Joe Jasper, Environment Management, February 2001

PAT - Carla Parker, Student Services, November 2000
PAT - Cathy Crandall, Learning Support Services, August 2000