Program and Unit Review

Program/Department Review

The program/department review process is designed to be an effective tool to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services and to insure that Schreiner keeps improvement as the primary goal of all university activities. Institutional Effectiveness helps collect, compile, and provide data to faculty and staff so that programs can be carefully examined to determine where it currently is and where it is going. In addition, Institutional Effectiveness (IE) provides professional development opportunities to further explain the assessment process and to make the campus community aware of the resources that are available to all programs on campus. 

During the yearly program review process, each department establishes/reviews outcomes (program, learning and/or administrative) and conduct one or more of the following types of assessments. A more complete list of direct assessment measures and indirect assessment can be found in the Institutional Effectiveness Handbook. Most programs will do several of these.                                                                                                     

  • Direct assessments of student learning (e.g., standardized tests, written work, etc.)
  • Direct assessments of administrative function
  • Surveys of faculty, staff, students, and/or cooperating community members
  • Qualitative assessments such as focus groups or interviews

Once each program/department has the results of assessments, the members of each program/department complete the following:

  • Determine if programs/departments have met their goals or outcomes
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the program/department
  • Identify strategies for improving upon areas of weakness
  • Write a yearly follow-up on strategies of improvement to ensure program/departmental follow-through (closing the loop)
  • Write a yearly assessment report indicating yearly objectives and results of assessments used throughout the year. 

Program and departmental reviews are considered a very important part of the Schreiner University assessment plan. School Deans, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness will spend time on training, and follow-through with individual units. Each program/department  review document can be found on the Intranet.