The Mail Center

Students in front of the CCAC

Normal Hours of Operations
Monday thru Friday
8am to 4pm

Weekends:  Closed

Please check the main SU campus calendar for special announcements and mail center holiday hours.

Location: Cailloux Campus Activity Center, 2nd Floormailboxes inside the CCAC
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Barbara Young  (830)792-7301

Campus Mail Box Directory by Department  


The Mail Center sells stamps and accepts all incoming freight for the entire campus.  Packages can be mailed thru the Mail Center and only in the United States. 

The Mail Center is not a US Post Office. It is restricted in some aspects of what it is allowed to do. Mail from the USPS arrives once daily (except Saturday and Sunday) and all daily outgoing mail will be accepted by the postal carrier to take back to the Post Office.

The Mail Center strives to ensure the mail is sorted and placed in campus mail boxes no later than 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday. Mail collection slots are provided next to the Mail Center. Schreiner University's mail boxes are privately owned by the University.

No profit-making or personal-gain businesses may be conducted from the University's mail boxes.

Proper Address
Resident students are encouraged to use the proper address format required for fast and expedient delivery. Please do not use nicknames on your correspondence, we only recognize the name that you registered with at the beginning of the semester.

CMB 5000
KERRVILLE TX 78028-5611

Mail Distribution and Sorting Incoming Campus Mail
Incoming mail for students is the delivery of items of a personal in nature such as bank checks, newspapers, magazines or CD's.

Campus boxes may not be used to conduct or to promote a business for personal gain or as a profit making source. Registered resident students may receive their mail here at Schreiner University. Mail must be addressed to the resident student only. Family and friends may not have their personal may sent to the student's campus mail box.

On-campus mail is sorted continually throughout the day as it arrives at the Mail Center. Students are encouraged to check their campus boxes daily and to retrieve their mail from their own mailboxes and not through the Mail Center window (other than freight or packages) in accordance with U.S. Postal policies.

For packages that are too large for mailboxes, the Mail Center will generate a claim ticket and place it in the student's campus box, also we will send out an email notice to your address informing you that you have a package. Students must present the claim ticket and student ID at the window before picking up packages. A printed signature is required to release packages.

Campus Mail
Along with e-mail and voice mail, campus mail is a primary means of communication among the campus community. Students are responsible for checking their mail box for information, deadlines, etc., sent through campus mail.

Students Who Do Not Retrieve Mail or Packages from Campus Mailboxes
If a period of 10 days has gone by without students clearing their mailboxes or picking up their packages, Mail Center staffs are authorized to take the following steps:

*US Mail will be marked "Return to Sender" and sent back and marked as unclaimed.

*Campus Mail with return address will be returned to sender and marked as unclaimed.

*Mail in an envelope without return information will be opened to determine if it can be returned to sender.

*Mail not in an envelope and without a return address will be thrown away.

Campus mail boxes are closed for the summer unless special arrangements are made with the Mail Center staff to leave the mail in the boxes for summer school/living on campus. For new incoming resident students, these boxes may not be utilized until said student is on campus to start receiving their correspondence.  Valid and recognized Student Clubs and Organizations must have their mail sent to Student Activities -- this includes bank checks/statements. Clubs and Organizations may not use individual student boxes to receive mail or packages.

Forwarding Mail
Forwarding mail is provided by the Mail Center during the summer months only.  If a student will be living in town or remains on campus for the summer, their mail will remain at SU.  No mail will be forwarded overseas and no mail may be left here over the summer unclaimed.

If the student leaves the University and or graduates then the forwarding service is provided for three months. Bulk mail without a forwarding endorsement cannot be forwarded and will be recycled.

Approximately three weeks before the end of the Spring Semester ends, resident students will be provided with a form from the Mail Center requesting information about forwarding mail during the summer.   Students who are not returning are responsible for notifying all magazines, newspapers, credit card, CD clubs, banks etc. of their impending change of address.  Most companies now have an e-mail address which a student can use to submit a change of address.  

Intra-Campus Mail
Intra-campus mail is limited to University business. All campus mail being sent from one department to another should be enclosed in a reusable inter-office envelope, as this will reduce the cost of using SU designated envelopes. This will also prevent delays in handling and eliminate the possibility of campus mail being inadvertently metered and mailed out. Outside venders/businesses may not drop off addressed mail to students without first going thru the USPS postal system.  

Restrictions (not allowed)
Examples of misuse of campus mail include the attempted distribution of:
Chain letters, hate mail, mail with obscene content
Letters to gain personal profit (ex. pyramid schemes)
Off-campus political endorsements
Other correspondence that is not official university business.

International Mail
Because the SU Mail Center is not a Post Office, it is unable to handle any outgoing international packages. International packages require a Customs Declaration Form and a Customs Declaration slip available only at a USPS office. International letters can be handled through the Mail Center, but the department that is sending it must clearly mark the letter as international and keep it separate from domestic mail.

Mail Security
Schreiner University makes every effort to ensure that SU mail is secured to and from this University. The Mail Center has restricted access and only the Mail Center personnel are allowed inside the mail facility and around mail processing equipment. This is to ensure the SU mail remains safe and free of tampering.