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Presbyterian Heritage Grant

Schreiner University is committed by choice and by covenant to the Synod of the Sun, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). As part of this commitment, Schreiner offers Presbyterian Heritage Grants to two types of qualified Presbyterian students.

  • One grant is available to children of ordained Presbyterian pastors and associate pastors.
  • The other grant is available to all students who are members of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


To be awarded, these students must be admitted to Schreiner as full-time undergraduate students, and be nominated for the Grant by their pastor.

This special program, with annual grants of $1,000 per year for Presbyterian Church members or $2,000 per year for children of Presbyterian pastors, gives pastors the opportunity to nominate their student members.

If awarded, the grant is applied toward the student's tuition at Schreiner. This program allows the University to:

  • Nurture closer relations with Presbyterian pastors who seek to minister to the youth in their church
  • Encourage Presbyterian students to enroll at Schreiner
  • Help develop future leaders for the Presbyterian Church

The Grant is renewable each year for up to four years for full-time students as long as they are in academic good standing and also maintain satisfactory academic progress. In addition, those receiving the grant will be expected to promote the University to their home congregation.
For more information, contact your pastor or the Campus Ministry office.