Risk Management Committee

As an important element of its stewardship responsibility, Schreiner University strives for a risk management process that encompasses more than just insurance, work safety and health or legal liability management. It also includes continuously evaluating and minimizing inherent, enduring risks to faculty, staff, students, community members, and others involved in the campus experience. Risk management is an ongoing process that requires responsiveness to evolving governmental and workplace laws and regulations. By ensuring that all constituents are adequately informed, involved, and oriented, the risk management process will strengthen community-campus partnerships by furthering mutual trust and understanding.

Schreiner University charges the Risk Management Committee with:

  • Advising the President and the Cabinet on Schreiner University’s risk management issues and strategies for all asset categories, including physical, human, financial, and intangible (goodwill and reputation);

  • Developing, in collaboration with appropriate university units, benchmark measures of against which to assess University practices;

  • Identifying and assessing existing levels of risk in each of the following categories:
    • Operating and behavioral (work practices and campus safety),
    • Procedural and Technological (internal controls and business processes),
    • Legal and regulatory (compliance),
    • Political and Reputational (external relations),

    and working with operational units in effecting positive change to appropriately mitigate risk;

  • Reporting annually to the Schreiner community through the Planning Stewardship Committee.

Vice President for Administration and Finance: Bill Muse

Academic Dean, School of Professional Studies:  David Smith

Four (4) faculty: 3 at-large, 1 IRB:   Kiley Miller, Pete Huey
Five (5) staff: One (1) from Facilities Services, James Rector; One (1) from Security, Stacy Young; One (1) from Human Resource Services, Cathy Scozzari ; One (1) from Student Services; One (1) at-large, Amy Armstrong
Three (3) students: 1 from Student Senate; 1 from Residence Hall Association, Cynthia Owsley; 1 student athlete, Cody Moles

Membership terms are 2 academic years.  Terms are renewable at the discretion of the President.

Suggestion Box
The online Suggestion Box is an opportunity for you to share a suggestion, idea, observation or a concern that you may have regarding safety at Schreiner University. Use this form to submit your issues individually — and anonymously, if desired. Your comments will be kept confidential, unless otherwise requested/approved.

Emergency Preparedness Manual - September 2010