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The Charge

August 1, 2017

It is my pleasure to invite you to serve on the Strategic Planning Development Task Force, alongside a select group of faculty, staff, students, administrators, trustees, community members, and alumni. This Task Force will help the University community envision the Schreiner University of 2023 and develop a plan to help us live into that future. I hope you will consider serving as a member of this Task Force.

The development of Schreiner’s new strategic plan is of critical importance, and the planning process is equally important. This process will be highly visible, transparent, comprehensive, and broadly participative. The Task Force will accomplish most of its work in the fall 2017 semester, with a rough draft of the Strategic Plan completed by mid-December. While this is an ambitious timeline, a tremendous amount of data already has been gathered, compiled, and organized into a set of studies for the Task Force’s review. Beginning on August 15th (from 1:30 – 5:00 pm), the Task Force will meet with a professional facilitator, Dr. John Stevens, to analyze the data. The Task Force will meet again on August 22nd (1:00 – 5:00 pm) to continue this analysis. The Task Force will then meet weekly on September 1, 8, 15, and 22 for approximately one hour as it continues to work through the data. On September 29th, the Task Force will meet from noon until 5:00 pm for its final data analysis session. While the Task Force is empaneled, select members of the group will host Town Halls and Focus groups in September with a variety of campus constituencies in order to gather as many good ideas as possible. On October 19th, the Task Force will meet with the Board of Trustees in a full day Strategic Planning retreat to review its findings and to establish and confirm the vision for Schreiner University and the Strategic Plan’s priorities. Between the Board retreat and the break for the holidays, the Task Force will meet regularly to develop a strategic plan that leads to the University’s achievement of the identified priorities in our 2022-2023 centennial year!

The Task Force will meet on an ad-hoc basis after the holidays to critique and refine the Strategic Plan before a smooth draft of the Plan is submitted to the Board at its February Board meeting. I expect the Board will deliberate over the plan and provide feedback so that we can make any necessary revisions and get their formal approval and adoption of the Plan at the May 2018 meeting.

This is an exciting time to be at Schreiner University. As we race towards our 100th year, we need bold and ambitious thinkers—members of the Strategic Planning Development Task Force—to come together on behalf of Schreiner University in order to make clear our way forward. I ask that you be part of this group. While I realize that not all members will be able to participate in every meeting of the Task Force, I do request that if you agree to serve as a member you make as many meetings as possible in person or by phone/Skype. Please contact my assistant, Ms. Deborah Scott (at or 830.792.7355), by Monday, August 7, 2017, with your response.


Charlie McCormick, Ph.D.President