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Schreiner Diversity

At Schreiner University, we strive to create a learning community that that is welcoming and supportive of diverse people and perspectives. The Standing Diversity Committee aims to prepare students for successful work and life experiences in a global community after graduation.

Schreiner University is proud to be a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), which is defined as an institution of higher education that currently has an enrollment of at least 25 percent Hispanic undergraduate students.

We are the recipient of Title V , a prestigious grant awarded to HSIs to enhance academic offerings, program quality, and institutional stability. These funds can be used for scientific and laboratory teaching equipment; construction or renovation of instructional facilities; purchasing educational materials; academic tutoring or counseling programs; endowment funds; distance learning academic instruction; faculty development; and student support services.

Schreiner University is also honored to be a Yellow Ribbon school, where we endeavor to help our service women and men complete degrees to find successful careers quickly and easily.


Student Achievement

The U.S. Secretary of Education recognizes accreditation by SACS Commission on Colleges in establishing the eligibility of higher education institutions to participate in programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, and other federal programs.

Schreiner University evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission and offers below data that track demonstration of our work toward achieving mission-related goals.

Retention rates consider the percentage of our first-time, first-year undergraduates who continue their studies with us the next fall semester. Numbers are based on enrollment on the 12th-day census.

Freshman retention rates

Student success within our Learning Communities is measured by the first-year retention of each fall cohort and the academic success reflected in the cumulative grade point average (GPA) of that cohort.

Cohort Statistics

Graduation rates reflect the percentage of Schreiner University’s first-time, first-year undergraduate students who complete their program within four years and six years.

Freshmen Cohort Graduation Rates

Student post-graduation success is monitored by a survey conducted through our Center for Advising and Career Development.

GRADUATE CLASS 2015 – 2016

Total Graduate (Undergraduates) 2015-2016 Class 162
Graduate Survey Return Rate 128 (79%)
Schreiner Graduates  
• School of Professional Studies 39 (24%)
• School of Sciences and Mathematics 83 (51%)
• School of Liberal Arts 40 (25%)
Graduates Employed Full-time 69 (54%)
• College degree required & related to field of study 28 (40%)
• College degree required but NOT related to field of study     3 (4%)
• College degree NOT required but helped to get position 13 (19%)
• College degree made NO difference 11 (15%)
• No Response Provided 15 (22%)
Graduates Attending Graduate School 46 (36%)
Graduates employed or pursing Graduate School 114 (89%)
Other 14 (11%)
Alternative Employment Outcomes  
Employed Part-Time 12 (9%)
Independent Employment  
Employed in Post-Graduate Internship or Fellowship  2 (2%)
Employed in a Temporary or Contract Work Assignment  
Seeking Employment 22 (17%)


Common Data Set

*Some values will be repetitive since we have students working full-time and enrolled in a graduate program at the same time. However, the statistical value has not been affected.
** Seeking employment is based on the surveys returned. It does not consider the students who did not responded to the survey.

2015 Common Data Set
Fall 2015-2016 [posted 11.11.15]

2014 Common Data Set
Fall 2014-2015 [posted 12.04.14]

2013 Common Data Set
Fall 2013-2014 [posted 12.02.13]

2012 Common Data Set
Fall 2012-2013 [posted 11.06.12]

2011 Common Data Set
Fall 2011-2012 [posted 11.15.11]

2010 Common Data Set
Fall 2010-2011 [posted 11.30.10]

2009 Common Data Set
Fall 2009-2010 [posted 11.19.09]

2008 Common Data Set
Fall 2008-2009 [posted 01.13.09]

2007 Common Data Set
Fall 2007-2008 [posted 10.25.07]

2006 Common Data Set
Fall 2006-2007 [posted 11.21.06]

2005 Common Data Set
Fall 2005-2006 [posted 11.10.05]

The Common Data Sets (CDS) are large PDF files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to print.

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Equal Opportunity and Title IX Statement

Schreiner University does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs, extra curricular programs or employment against any individual on the basis of that individual's race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, veteran status or ethnic origin. Inquiries/complaints should be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources, phone (830) 896-5411.