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Mountaineer Leadership Conference:  Mission

MLC Students

Mission:   The mission of the Mountaineer Leadership Conference is to provide a dynamic and interactive forum in which students develop leadership skills through a variety of activities designed to stimulate their interest, increase their knowledge, and encourage their future participation as active members of group and community activities.

MLC 2013leader Vision:  The Mountaineer Leadership Conference is designed to further develop students’ leadership skills by expanding upon their leadership interactions and experiences by involving them in a venue that challenges them to interact, contemplate, question, and reflect on leadership.


  • Interact with and learn from peers, relative to leadership experiences and ideals
  • Interact with and learn from current leaders of different professions invited to participate within the conference
  • Provide opportunities for students to interact with community members both from within and outside of the university
  • Expand upon their understanding of different leadership skills and interactions that occur among leaders
  • Challenge students through interactions that require them to contemplate and apply leadership skills
  • Establish a venue of discussion that challenges students to reflect upon leadership relative to their participation as an active member of society
  • Provide a venue that is interactive enriched with leadership learning opportunities that is fun and benedictional to the students’ participation