Center for Innovative Learning
Past Is Prologue:  The Interactive Circle of Learning

Paula Underwood's words to those who seek to learn the Ancient Wisdom:

"As apprentice to Ancient wisdom each of you is responsible to bring their thoughts, experiences, and questions to the Circle Of Learning. These enable this Keeper of an Ancient Way to devise ways of increasingly sharing from this nearly endless Source. I learn from your learning--or lack thereof!

As you know, there is no Right answer -- and therefore no Wrong one! And yet certain things are expected of each Apprentice:
  •  A true effort to learn to apply the Rules of Six to life's assumptions.
  •  A true effort to remember to speak one's personal wisdom three times, checking for understanding.
  •  Respect for all views, all thoughts, and all experiences.
  •  A true failure to judge others.
  •  A true willingness to listen, listen, listen further -- with New Ears--to demonstrate the accuracy of your understanding so far--or lack thereof!
Any small progress in this direction will be enough. A lack of willingness to continue to learn in this learning is thoroughly acceptable. It will be understood as a decision that will move the individual away from the Circle of Learning--and eventually out of it. Always one viable choice."