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Design Thinking Learning Community

The Design Thinking Learning Community seeks to guide students through a variety ofDesign Learning Community  methods for solving problems via faculty lead workshops, field trips, campus visits from industry professionals, and project based learning. We will establish the foundation of creative problem solving incorporating methods such as a Design Thinking workshop and semester-long research project, and we will also incorporate new technology such as 3D printers, Laser Engravers and other digital output devices.
Building on experiences from IDST1301 in the Fall, students are encouraged to become self-motivated learners through research and explore new technologies, through opportunities facilitated by departmental faculty, that may be applied to their discipline, incorporate and expand on problem solving methods, and possibly develop their own creative method.

The Design Thinking Learning Community is open to all students from any disciplines, because creativity is required for engineering, graphic arts, information and data visualization, science, mathematics, and everything in between.

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For additional information contact:
Clay   McClure
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Office:  Cailloux Hall 207
(830) 792-7468 |