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The Learning Support Services Program is staffed by specialists working in conjunction with a group of 15-20 professional tutors. The tutors are salaried adults, most with bachelor's degrees. Each student works with a tutor, usually on a one-to-one basis, who gives supportive academic help in subject matter and aids in devising compensatory methods in areas of need. Special study groups may also be arranged. Please feel free to contact any member of our staff at (830) 792-7256.

 Kim Prater Prater, Kim
Testing Center Coordinator
phone: (830) 792-7257
office: Dickey Hall 218
email:  KPrater@schreiner.edu
 Dr. Jude D. Gallik Gallik, Dr. Jude D. bio
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Director, Learning Support Services
phone: (830) 792-7258
office: Dickey Hall
email: JGallik@schreiner.edu
 April Poissant Poissant, April, M.A.
Tutor Coordinator, LSS
phone: (830) 792-7352
office: Dickey Hall 209
email: APoissant@schreiner.edu
 Laura Forsythe Forsythe, Laura
Administrative Assistant
Note-Taker Supervisor
phone: (830) 792-7256
office: Dickey Hall 218
email: LForsythe@schreiner.edu