Student Travel - Faculty-Led Trips

Schreiner Courses with Travel Attached

The courses with travel attached are announced before registration for the semester and highlighted in the registration schedule. Some of these trips are attached to interdisciplinary courses that are listed on every degree plan. The tuition for the course is covered by your financial aid package, but there is an additional trip cost to participate in the travel experience. The Study Abroad Office works to keep these costs as reasonable as possible and still provide a great experience.

The deans of the colleges have initiated scholarships for students in their college to help defray the trip costs for these courses. Please see the Study Abroad director to find out how to apply.

Some of the courses offered with travel attached:
 - IDST 3360 – Aesthetics
 - IDST 4240 – Global Issues
 - IDST 2270 – Topics
Some courses in the disciplines such as the art courses offered during the Florence Summer Semester.

How Does This Work?  
 - Courses are taught as part of the regular curriculum in either the fall or spring semester.
 - Destination selected by faculty teaching the course.  
 - Travel occurs during the time period following the semester, during Christmas break for courses taught in Fall and in spring (after graduation) or summer (generally in July) trips are two weeks in duration.  
 - Courses taught during the Summer School Semester travel in either June or July and are three-four weeks in duration.

How Much Does It Cost?
 - Cost for the course is generally covered by tuition in either the Fall or Spring Semester. 
 - Tuition costs for summer courses is generally at a discounted rate. 
 - Actual trips costs are separate. 
 - We try to keep these as low as possible and still provide for airfare, housing and whatever on-site expense is required for the class.
 - We do not include meals (unless provided as part of the housing package – such as a free breakfast) or personal expenses. 
 - In some instances, ground transportation is included in trip cost. 
 - Schreiner University provides international health care coverage for all individuals participating in Schreiner-sponsored trips.

Where Have We Been?
Faculty-led trips have visited the following locations:
London, Stratford on Avon, Bath, England
Paris and Taize, France Madrid, Toledo and Granada, Spain
Heidelberg, Weimar and Berlin, Germany
Warsaw and Krakow, Poland
Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, and Sorrento, Italy
Monterrey, Saltillo, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Patzquaro, and Janitzio, Mexico

How Can I Sign Up?
During the registration process for a semester publicizing a course with travel attached, register for the section of the course.