Faculty-Led Trips

What is a Faculty-Led Trip?
A faculty-led trip is any trip officially led by Schreiner University staff or faculty members in the U.S. or abroad. The U.S. or international destination is selected by your instructor(s), who consults his or her department chair and the coordinator of Changing Global Society. The trip occurs after the semester or during fall, Christmas, spring, or summer breaks, lasting from a few days to four weeks. Most faculty-led trips are course-related, which means that you ought to enroll in the course attached to the trip.

students in Costa Rica

Where Have We Been?
Past travel locations include U.S. destinations such as Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C.; European destinations such as London, Paris, and Florence; and Latin American destinations such as Guatemala City, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and San José, Costa Rica (pictured above).

Where Will We Go?
In the 2014-15 year, we will go (or have been to) the following locations:

Photo from Stonehenge trip 2015 How Much Does It Cost?
Thanks to the new Schreiner Experience, students can travel abroad at subsidized costs. In addition, tuition costs are not extra and in some cases even tuition is reduced for faculty-led trips. Although Schreiner students are encouraged to participate in as many faculty-led trips as they're eligible to, they can only apply their Schreiner Experience fees to one trip during their time as a student here, thereby reducing the travel costs of that one trip. For instance, if a trip costs $2,000, a student applying his or her Schreiner Experience fees may pay anywhere from $700 to $1,500 for the trip (note that some trips cost more, and that this is only one example).

What about a Trip Deposit?
Non-refundable deposits are required for every faculty-led trip and may cost $500 or more. Deposits are accepted by the Financial Services Office at Schreiner University.  Talk to a trip leader or the coordinator of Changing Global Society for more information.

What's Included (and not included) in the Trip Costs? 

  • Airfare, accommodation, essential ground transportation, and whatever on-site expenses may be required for the class are included
  • International health care coverage is included, whether the trip participant is a student or not
  • Meals are often included, but not always, nor for all meals
  • Personal expenses and some activities are not included; talk to the trip leader

Schreiner Students with Passports
How Can I Sign Up?
Speak to either the trip leader (see list of scheduled trips above for contact information) or contact the coordinator of Changing Global Society:

Sonja Lind, Ph.D. 

Office: CCAC, 2nd floor
Phone: (830) 792-7358
Email: SLind@schreiner.edu

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