Student Travel - From the Director

Schreiner University’s emphasis on the importance of a study abroad experience dates back over 20 years when we began to encourage our students to spend semesters abroad and encouraged our faculty to design and teach courses with travel attached.

Today, study abroad is one of the fastest growing areas in higher education. In November 2005, the Commission on the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowship Program, appointed by Congress and the Bush Administration, issued their report recommending a national program to greatly increase the number of American students studying abroad. Their stated goal is to have one million American students studying abroad annually by 2016-2017. Schreiner University intends to do our part.

Country options for semester study include all countries where the U.S. State Department considers it safe for students to travel. Semester study at foreign universities offers programs in most any field of study and including includes traditional course work toward your degree, internships, summer programs and volunteer opportunities, so there is much to choose from. The International Studies Office is informed and ready to offer a student the guidance he/she needs to select a program to accomplish their educational goal.

Students not wanting to spend a semester away from campus are encouraged to sign up for one of our Schreiner courses with faculty-led travel attached. Students study during the semester then travel internationally to a country chosen to accompany the course work. This travel experience is usually for 10 days – to three weeks at the end of the semester.

Our opportunities are ever ever-expanding. Several years ago, we established a summer semester program in Florence, Italy, which started as an art department initiative and now has now expanded to include other disciplines. Other destinations for faculty-led travel have included England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland and Mexico, to name the most popular. In the coming year, we will add Ireland to the group list when the Schreiner University Choir travels.

Make it a priority to visit the International Studies Office when you get to campus and get started planning your study abroad experience!