Student Travel - Semester Study

Semester study is available to and encouraged for every Schreiner student of good academic standing, but if you are a sophomore and have a 3.0 overall GPA, you can apply to be one of several students (currently up to four) who will be allowed to use their financial aid package to pay program expenses. Please review the information below and/or visit the Study Abroad Office for more details on the petitioning.

- Sophomore status  
- Overall 3.0 GPA  
- Good financial standing  
- Good judicial standing

Advantages of being one of four students to participate each year
The policy governing the program enables the students to use their financial aid packages to pay their program costs.

What’s not included?
- Transportation costs
- Personal expenses

Where can students go?
They may make the choice based on:
- Program of study
- Country of interest

Restrictions: SU does not allow students to travel to countries with travel warnings listed by the US Department of State. (for complete list, see

Planning and Applying
Q: When should they start planning?
A: As soon as they get to campus and meet with their Faculty Advisor

Q: When do they start the application process?
A: The first semester of their sophomore year

Q: When is the deadline for the application?
A: November 30 of the year prior to when students want to travel

Q: When do most students spend their semester abroad?
A: Either the first or second semester of their junior year – or, in some instances, the first semester of their senior year (Students must be on campus for the last semester before they graduate.)

Application Process
1. Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator.
2. Make a determination as to possible programs of study and location by researching on line and in the Study Abroad Library.
3. Visit with Faculty Advisor and Registrar to discuss your proposed curriculum with course descriptions of classes you plan to take.
4. Complete the Financial Aid form including your proposed program costs and visit the Financial Aid office to determine what can be anticipated in aid.
5. Distribute Recommendation Forms to your Faculty Advisor and to two other faculty members who can recommend you for the Semester Study Abroad program.
6. Ask your parents or guardian addressed to the Academic Dean acknowledging their support of your proposed semester study.
7. Draft a letter/memo to the Academic Dean answering all the questions as required on the Travel Proposal Form provided by the Study Abroad Coordinator.
8. Submit forms and proposal letter/memo to the Study Abroad Coordinator for review two weeks prior to deadline for submission.

Where Have Schreiner Students Studied?
- Alicante, Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona & Granada, Spain
- London, England
- Grenoble, France
- Cypress
- New Zealand