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The information on this page is for Schreiner University faculty and staff who are planning to lead a student trip, either domestically in the U.S. or abroad.

Schreiner students on a boat in London

Faculty-Led Trip Application Process

If you're thinking of leading a trip, the process is as follows:

  1. Complete the appropriate Academic Affairs form:
  2. Complete the Travel Applications for University-Sponsored Trips  and consult the Coordinator of Changing Global Society.
  3. Submit both the Academic Affairs form and Course-Related Travel Addendum to your chair for their approval and signatures.
  4. Your chair will submit both forms to your dean for their approval and signature
  5. Upon approval, the dean sends both forms to the Academic Provost
  6. Upon approval, the Provost sends both forms to the Registrar
  7. Upon approval, the Registrar sends the forms to the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

    Please complete this process even if your trip is a recurring trip.

Application Deadlines for Faculty-Led Travel

  • October 1 for courses running the following summer and fall semesters

Note: Early applications are encouraged and may be submitted up to four years in advance.  Courses that run on a recurring basis need to submit updated materials each year the trip is slated to run.

Funding Faculty-Led Trips
Funding for faculty-led trips is determined by the Coordinator of the Changing Global Society, the Dean of Students, and the Provost. A travel budget is allotted to fund faculty-led trips at Schreiner University, though this funding will vary from trip to trip. For more information, visit the Faculty-Led Trips web page.

Trip Funding: Trip applications will be evaluated by the Coordinator of Changing Global Society and the Student Travel Committee who will make their funding recommendations to the Provost.

15 Best Practices for Leading Student Travel
Please review the document 15 Best Practices for Leading Student Travel (updated January 2015)

Travel Waivers
There are certain conditions under which liability waivers must be signed by participants, whether those participants are students, Schreiner employees, or community members:

See more guidelines on liability and student travel.

Traveling With Other Types of Students

  • Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs): If you're traveling with an RSO, please review and observe this travel policy.
  • Athletes: For information on traveling with Schreiner student athletes, please contact Bill Raleigh, Director of Athletics by phone (830) 792-7482 or via email

Driving Schreiner Students
Drivers are required to become institution-authorized if the student group or activity is associated with Schreiner University, the activity has been authorized by Schreiner University, or funding for the activity passes through Schreiner University or its accounts. If you are an institution-authorized driver, you do not need to collect liability forms from students you are transporting unless your travel falls into one of the four waiver-required travel categories (see Liability Waivers above). To become an institution-authorized driver contact Bill Muse, Vice President for Administration and Finance.