Apply to Be a Tutor!

How Can I Become a Peer Tutor?

Position: Peer Tutor
Salary: $7.25 per hour
Hours: To be assigned at the beginning of each semester.

Duties and Responsibilities:
*Attend all sessions of the tutor training seminar.
*Attend regularly scheduled tutor in-service meetings.
*Stay current in the courses he/she is tutoring and meet with the faculty as needed.
*Assist the client's learning without doing his/her work.
*Refer client to appropriate resources for individual needs.
*Keep records current and turned in promptly.
*Keep FTLC informed of important changes (phone #s, accepting/not accepting clients, etc.)
*Report all problems to the FTLC professional staff immediately.
*Failure to abide by the FTLC's policies is reason for dismissal from the program.

The applicant should:
*Have and maintain a minimum overall 3.0 GPA.
*Have and maintain a 3.0 GPA in content area and courses he/she wishes to tutor.
*Have a recommendation from a faculty member for each course in which he/she wishes to tutor.
*Be at least of sophomore standing.
*Be ethical and responsible.
*Enjoy helping others.
*Have good communication skills.
*Maintain confidentiality at all times.

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Application Procedure
Complete the Peer Tutor application: 

pdf icon Click here to download & print the application

Or obtain the application at 105 Dickey Hall.

Have a faculty member in the courses you wish to tutor complete the Recommendation Form [attached to the application] and return it to Martha York, Interim Coordinator, in Dickey 209.