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Vesalius Learning and Living

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) was a Flemish anatomist whose major work, "De humani corporis fabrica" (1543), forever changed the study of medicine in the West. Vesalius asserted that the human body itself was the only subject—the only text—suitable for the investigation of human medicine. In this regard, Vesalius was the first medical humanist as he enacted Renaissance humanism’s focus on original textual sources. The anatomical illustrations in "De humani corporis fabrica" convey scientific accuracy and compelling pathos with a sense of beauty that continues to inform interpretations of the body.

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The Vesalius Living and Learning Community is a selective program that allows health-professions students to live together, collaborate on community projects, and participate in an academically supportive environment. Students who participate in this project are uniquely prepared to pursue a  Minor in Medical Humanities.

Vesalius students live on a dedicated wing of Trull Residence Hall, take one course per semester as a cohort, participate in a community book club, and have a unique opportunity to engage a group of like-minded individuals. In most cases, but not all, the following attributes are good predictors of success in the Vesalius Living and Learning Community:

  • Significant interest in pursuing study in a health profession
  • Extracurricular activities involving a high level of peer collaboration
  • Meaningful community involvement
  • Strong academic potential
  • A carefully crafted resume

To be considered for the Vesalius Living and Learning Community, a student must first be   admitted to Schreiner University.

Application Instructions:
Once you have been admitted to Schreiner University, you will have access to the online application through your Schreiner One account under the Learning Communities tab.

Next Steps:
The Coordinator of the Vesalius Living and Learning Community and the Advisory Committee will review completed applications in the order they are received. Applicants who, on the basis of their completed application, seem to be a good fit with the community will be invited to participate.

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Please contact Dr. Krisann Muskievicz
Coordinator, Vesalius Community

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