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In today’s job market, one thing is certain: college students must begin preparing for the world of work long before graduation. ACE is the answer.

The ACE program is a unique first-year program for students who are career minded and interested in exploring their major(s) and/or career goals. Students will engage in specific career-related learning in preparation for an internship at the end of their freshman year.

The ACE Learning Community provides first year students the opportunity to:

  • Broadened Awareness of your strengths, abilities, talents and career options
  • Establish Connections with other career-oriented students, community members, Schreiner alumni, and employers
  • Engage in specific career-related learning activities, such as employer site visits, informational interviews, etc.
  • Earn a $1,000 internship stipend (Applicable to ACE participants that secure a summer internship after their freshman year)

For further information contact:
Cristina I. Martinez
Director of Career Development/ACE Coordinator
(830) 792-7281