Cailloux Students

Graphic Design Students Create Logo for Congressman Lamar Smith

Congressman Lamar Smith was in search of a new logo for his TexStar political action committee when he journeyed to Schreiner University in September—what he didn’t expect was to find so many options.

Smith, during one of his previous visits, approached Schreiner President Dr. Tim Summerlin about the possibility of graphic design students creating his new logo.

Lamar Smith logo design

Lamar Smith logo design Lamar Smith logo design Lamar Smith logo design Lamar Smith logo design
“Our kids do all sorts of projects like this,” Summerlin said. “When David Smith—dean of the Cailloux School of Professional Studies—came here in 2001, he put together this idea that brings in real clients that students design for. There is a great need for a program like this.”
Upon his arrival, Lamar Smith was blown away by the fact each of the 14 students had at least one logo concept to pitch to him.

“I was expecting one logo from the entire class,” he said. “I can’t thank them enough for their time and efforts—this is a one-stop shop. They are all so much more creative than I could ever hope to be.”

Each student presented their design to Lamar Smith and explained how they came up with the concept. David Smith graded each design on a scale that included structure, organization and presentation. He even videotaped the presentations as a tool to help students improve their methods.

Lamar Smith chose two designs and is working with the finalists—Laura Nentrup and Kelby Ruiz, both seniors—to convert the concepts to one color before choosing the new logo for his TexStar PAC.

“This is the most fun thing I’ve done in months,” Lamar Smith said. “Everything I’ve seen here has been great, and it is more than I could have asked for.”