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Changing Global Society

Changing Global Society logoSchreiner University is so dedicated to preparing students for their changing world that it is part of its mission statement: to prepare its students "for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society."

The purpose of Changing Global Society is to help students develop global perspective; that is, an understanding of the customs in and relationships between societies and regions in the world. A global perspective allows one to see similarities across humanity as well as the differences, and to recognize how societies, including our own, influence others.

Travel and Study Abroad
There are multiple ways students can travel in the U.S. or abroad with Schreiner.  For instance, students can attend a faculty-led trip, engage in independent study abroad for a summer or semester, or enroll in a student exchange program ... more details

Global Perspective Certificate
Students can earn a Global Perspective Certificate showing that they are prepared for careers in which there is a global or cross-cultural element. Students must complete four components in order to receive the certificate: 1) study abroad; 2) international and/or multicultural engagement; 3) enrollment in one class that meets the Schreiner global perspective outcome; and 4) a capstone project of the student's choosing (see additional information below).

International and Multicultural Experiences
Students who are interested in continued exploring can experience international or multicultural customs, holidays, or other events on campus. These experiences are hosted by Changing Global Society or other groups at least once a semester, and attending and hosting these experiences will count towards students' Global Perspective Certificate.  Past experiences have included International Education Week, Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and Día de los muertos, hosted by the Organization for Latino Engagement.


Schreiner University’s Global Perspective Certificate (GPC), designed by the office of Changing Global Society, will better prepare you for a career in which there is a global or cross-cultural element. It will expand your cultural learning experiences both on campus and abroad, if you have or are planning to study abroad.

You can complete the certificate at your own pace, anywhere from one semester to four years. This certificate recognizes and honors Schreiner students who are culturally engaged, helping them stand out among other university graduates. You will be able to demonstrate to future employers and graduate schools that you are prepared for today’s changing, global society.

Four Certificate Components

1.    Study Abroad (required*)

  • *Alternative: One semester of language proficiency (a grade of “B” or higher)
  • Study abroad: Participation in any Schreiner University study abroad trip, including (if relevant) orientation and re-orientation programs
  • Reflections: 3-5 written pages for the trip, or a 10- to 15-minute video reflection
  • Note: If you are an international student, you fulfill this requirement by studying at Schreiner, though it is recommended that international students also participate in study abroad. A mandatory reflection is still required for international students (though writing prompts differ).

2.    International or Multicultural Engagement (required)

  • Attendance: You must attend at least four (4) cultural events on campus, and:
  • Leadership: You must lead one (1) cultural event. Examples of events you could organize or host could include a foreign language film night, an interactive cultural food event, a cultural holiday or celebration, a multicultural student organization event, or an off-campus cultural activity. Consult Caroline Zeiher, Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Changing Global Society, to discuss your ideas.
  • Reflections: Approximately 1 written page per attended event and 3-5 written pages for one event you led, with a total of 7-9 pages total. Video reflections are also accepted.

3.    Academic Requirement (required)

  • You will be required to enroll in one (1) class in which global perspective is a curricular outcome. Here are a few suggested courses, though you may consult both Caroline Zeiher and the course instructor to discuss if a class you wish to enroll in meets the global perspective outcome:
    • Business 3340: Borderless Business
    • Interdisciplinary Studies 4340: Problems and Solutions in a Global Society
    • Political Science 2303. Introduction to International Relations
    • Political Science 3384: Regional Study
    • Communication 3320: Intercultural Communication
    • History 1350 (2321): World Civilizations to 1600
    • History 1351 (2322): World Civilizations from 1600
    • History 3361: Modern East Asia
    • Religion 1320: Survey of World Religions
    • Spanish 330+: Any class in Hispanic Literature/Culture ranging from 3000-3999
    • any language classes, including the Language Consortium (unless this is your alternative to study abroad)
  • Reflections: 3-5 written pages for the class, or a 10- to 15-minute video reflection

4.    Capstone Project (required)

  • Topics: This final project will complete the achievement of the global perspective outcome, demonstrating cultural competence and a valuing of diversity. You may choose to specialize in any topic, though here are a few suggested categories:
    • Global Science and Math: Your project addresses the practice of science, mathematics, engineering, or health in global cultures. This may a good choice if you are majoring in Mathematics, Engineering, are being certified to teach Mathematics or Science, or studying in any Bachelor of Science field.
    • Global Cultures: Your project addresses the similarities and diversity of global cultures. This may be a good choice if you are majoring in History, General Studies, Theatre, Psychology, Religion, Music, or Communication Studies.
    • Global Leadership: Your project addresses what it means to be a leader in a changing, global society. This may be a good choice if you are majoring in Business Administration, Sport Management, or Education.
    • Global Languages: Your project addresses the use and history of one or more languages. This may be a good choice if you are majoring in Communication Studies, English, or studying foreign languages.
    • Global Relations: Your project addresses the relationships between nations and governments. This may be a good choice if you are majoring in Political Science.
    • Other
  • Format: This project can take the format of: 1) a senior thesis; 2) another research project; 3) teaching and other presentations; or 4) a practical application of your knowledge. Your ideas will need to be approved by Caroline Zeiher, Coordinator of Multicultural Programs and Changing Global Society.
  • Time: Your project comprises one to three semesters' worth of work. It will need to be completed by late-February or mid-March, in order to present it at the Student Achievement Showcase.
  • Presentation: In addition to submitting a report of your work on Schreiner One, you will present your project at a special panel session through the Student Achievement Showcase in the spring semester.

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