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Center for Digital Learning

The Center for Digital Learning (CDL) is a Title V grant funded facility that is focused on bringing technology into the classroom in new and inventive ways while helping students and faculty imagine how they might not only manipulate and contemplate existing information but also how they can become creators of new, unique information. The center provides a fully functioning digital lab with PC and Mac computers, a collaboration classroom, podcast broadcast room, and a variety of professional production equipment for student and faculty use. The CDL provides technology support, resources, and services to all students and faculty. Our mission is to assist scholars in discovering how to turn creative ideas into a reality using the latest technology.

The Center for Digital Learning develops and researches innovative technologies to improve educational outcomes for learners of all ages and promotes sharing of resources (knowledge, human, infrastructure, best practices) on digital learning, to include an advisory role in all aspects of information creation, analysis and publication.

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