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Center for Teaching and Learning

The overarching purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to provide faculty and students the support, resources, services and opportunities necessary to engage in research-based principles and content that support the vision, mission and values of the university.

Faculty Center


The CTL Faculty Center supports development needs of faculty and is focused on improving student success by providing purposeful opportunities to build skills and create dynamic and innovative learning experiences through high impact practices. The Center for Teaching and Learning was originally established in 2012 through a U.S. Department of Education Title V grant designed to improve student success. In 2015, the Faculty Center evolved out of these efforts.

Academic Support Center


students studying

The Student Academic Support Center stimulates student success through a variety of student-staffed programs and services including  the  Writing  Center,  Peer Tutoring  Center and Supplemental Instruction. All services provide academic support to students and promote lifelong learning  practices. Student employees regularly engage in professional development training  designed to help them  excel in guiding their peers toward academic success. They work closely with faculty and staff to ensure the support they are providing is of highest quality.  

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