Silke Feltz, M.A.

German Faculty Bio: Silke Feltz, M.A.

Faculty Profile

Classes Taught
Engl 0302 Developmental Composition
Engl 1301 Composition and Rhetoric
Engl 1302 Composition and Literature
Germ 1401 Elementary German I
Germ 1402 Elementary German II
M.A., Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg, Germany - English and German Literature
Thesis: Devotion and Abandonment in Ana Castillo's Novels

First Bavarian Staatsexaman (graduate teaching degree), Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg, Germany - English and German, high school

Silke Feltz is originally from Germany and has previously taught both English and German in Bavaria, South Carolina, Illinois, and Florida. In 2008, she moved to Kerrville and after one year of adjuncting, she joined the full-time faculty in Fall 2009. When she is not working, she enjoys the theater, knitting, and yoga.