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Dr. John D. Huddleston

Faculty Bio: Dr. John D. HuddlestonProfessor of History
Coordinator, Minor in Texas Studies

Classes Taught
HIST 1301 (1st half of American survey)
HIST 1302 (2nd half of American survey)
HIST 2303 (Texas History)
HIST 3307 (Civil War and Reconstruction)
HIST 3311 (U.S. History From 1945)
HIST 3352 (History of Mexico)
HIST 3395 (Readings in U.S. History)
HIST 4370 (Topics in History)
HIST 4399 (Senior Project in History)

Teaching Field
  • U. S. History - The Civil War
  • The New South - Diplomatic History
Publication and Professional Activity
  • Review of Powell, Gerald, et al. Civil War Blockade-Runners: Prize Claims and the Historical Record, Including the Denbigh’s Court Documents (College Station, Texas:  Institute of Nautical Archaeology, 2012) in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, July 2013, 90,91.
  • Review of Lull, Robert. Civil War General and Indian Fighter James M. Williams: Leader of the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer
  • Infantry and the 8th U.S. Cavalry (Denton, Texas:  University of North Texas Press, 2013) in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, April 2014, 442.
  • "Highway Development: A 'Concrete' History of Twentieth-Century Texas," pp. 253-268, in Whisenhunt, Donald W. ed., Texas: A Sesquicentennial Celebration. Austin, Texas: Eakin Press, 1984.
  • "Dealey, George Bannerman," Encyclopedia USA, vol. 19, 124-126.
  • "Dick Dowling," Encyclopedia USA, vol. 23, 1,2.
  • "Draft Riots (1863)," Encyclopedia USA, vol. 23, 24-28.
  • "Drewry's Bluff, Battle of," Encyclopedia USA, vol. 23, 107-112.
  • "Miriam A. Ferguson," biographical essay, The New Handbook of Texas, vol. 2, 981, 982.
  • "Texas Department of Transportation," The New Handbook of Texas, vol. 6, 322, 323.
  • Review of Prindle, David F. Petroleum Politics and the Texas Railroad Commission (Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 1981), in the Social Science Quarterly 63 (December 1982), 803, 804.
  • “Federal Highway Act (1916), Encyclopedia USA, accepted for publication pending continuation of the series.
  • “Ferguson Impeachment (Texas),” Encyclopedia USA, accepted for publication pending continuation of the series
  • Critique on Willett, Don and Stephen Curley, Invisible Texans: Women and Minorities in Texas History for Longman Publishing, 2002.
  • Review of Lowe, Richard G. Walker’s Texas Division, C.S.A.: Greyhounds of the Trans- Mississippi (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2004), in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly 109 (July, 2005), 155, 156.
  • Critique of Buillon, John. Lyndon Johnson and The Transformation of American Politics for Longman Publishing, March 2005.
  • Critique of Buzzano, Thomas. The Cold War and its Effects for Longman Publishing, April 2005.
  • Review of Huffaker, Bob and Bill Mercer, George Phenix, and Wes Wise. When the News Went Live: Dallas 1963 (Lanham, MD: Taylor Trade Publishing, 2004), in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, July 2006, 155, 156.
  • Review of Thompson, Jerry. Cortina: Defending the Mexican Name in Texas. (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2007), in the East Texas Historical Journal, fall 2008, 77, 78.
  • Review of Chebahtah, William and Nancy M. Minor, Chevato: The Story of the Apache Warrior Who Captured Herman Lehmann (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2007), in the Journal of Southern History, February 2009, 177,178.
  • Nine (9) papers on Texas or local history read before regional Phi Theta Kappa meetings, the Texas State Historical Association, the Southwestern Social Sciences Association, and the East Texas Historical Association in the period, 1976-2001
  • Featured speaker at the acceptance/dedication of the J. Frank Dobie Collection, Logan Library, Schreiner University, October 2005
  • Featured speaker at the dedication of the Sam Lanham Digital Library, Logan Library, Schreiner University, April 2006
  • Featured speaker at the Schreiner Alliance, “Top Ten Events of the Twentieth Century, Schreiner University, September 2006
  • Keynote Speaker on Civil War Texas at the Gillespie Historical Society’s Annual Symposium, January 2014
  • Creator/writer of “This Week in the Civil War” for Texas Public Radio, March 2011 to the present
  • Ph.D. in American History, Texas A & M University at College Station, 1981
  • Dissertation: "Good Roads for Texas: A History of the Texas Highway Department, 1917-1947" (Texas history)
  • M.A. in History, The University of Texas at Austin, 1976
  • Thesis: "Austin, Texas in 1876: A Study of the Economic, Social, and Political Developments" (local history)
  • B.A. in Government, The University of Texas at Austin, 1971
  • A.A., Wharton County Junior College, 1969
Work Experience
  • 2011 Chair, Social Sciences Department, Schreiner University
  • May 2002-2008 Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Schreiner University
  • 1982-present Ass't, Assoc. and Professor at Schreiner University
  • 1986-1988 (summers) Visiting Lecturer, Texas A & M University at Galveston 1981-82
  • Visiting Ass't Prof., Texas A & M University at College Station
  • 1981-1982 Instructor, Blinn Junior College
  • 1980 (spring,  summer) Instructor, University of Texas at Pan American
Awards and Honors
  • Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Harriet Garrett Teaching Excellence Award, Schreiner University, 1983
  • Senior Hall of Fame, teaching award, Schreiner University, 1992
  • Readers’ Choice Award, Kerrville Daily Times, “Best Councilperson in Kerr County, 1996”
  • Resolution of Gratitude, Kerrville City Council, May 1998
  • Resolution of Appreciation, Kerr Economic Development Foundation, June 1998
  • Certificate of Recognition, Schreiner University, Nontraditional Students Association, 2002
  • Resolution of Gratitude, Schreiner University, May 2008
  • Advisor of the Year Award for 2008-2009, Schreiner University, May 2009.
  • Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, Schreiner University, April 2013.
Community Activity
Graduate, Leadership Kerr County Program, 1991; Member of the Kerrville City Council, 1993-1998; Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Kerrville, 1997, 1998; Guest Columnist, Kerrville Mountain Sun, 1996; Exec. Board Member of the Kerr Economic Development Foundation, 1994-1998; Ex-Officio Member of the EMS Advisory Board, City of Kerrville, 1993-1995; Ex-Officio Member of the Home Opportunity Advisory Board, City of Kerrville, 1997-1998; Ex-Officio Member of the Library Advisory Board, City of Kerrville, 1996-1998; Ex-Officio Member of the Main Street Advisory Board, City of Kerrville, 1994-1998; Exec. Board Secretary of the Friends of Butt-Holdsworth Library, 1999-2004; President, Friends of Butt-Holdsworth Library, Jan. 2005- Dec. 2009; Editor of Il Folio newsletter, Friends of the Butt-Holdsworth Library; Member of the Library Advisory Board, City of Kerrville, 2005 - Sept. 2007; Jan. to May 2010.