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BBA degree with major in accounting

Schreiner University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with a major in Accounting. Accounting graduates work in public, private, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The program includes 33 hours in advanced accounting. In order to qualify to take the CertifiedWm Logan Library @ Schreiner University Public Accounting (CPA) exam in Texas students must complete a total of 150 hours. Students can enter the MBA in Ethical Leadership degree program and upon completion, will have achieved the necessary advanced hours to qualify for the CPA Exam in Texas.

A Major in Accounting consists of the following upper level courses: BSAD 3310, BSAD 3311, BSAD 4321, BSAD 4331, BSAD 4342, BSAD 4351, ACCT 3301, ACCT 3302, ACCT 3304, ACCT 3305, ACCT 3306, ACCT 3308, ACCT 4301, ACCT 4303, ACCT 4306, ACCT 4308, and ACCT 4398.

A minor in Accounting includes the following lower level courses: ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302 and these upper level courses: ACCT 3301, ACCT 3304, ACCT 4306, and one additional upper level ACCT course of the student’s choosing.

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