BA Business Degree in Business Administration

Business Degree at Schreiner University

Students who complete the major in Business Administration are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA). The BA in Business Administration is structured on cultural diversity and the interrelations of commerce, economics, social, historical, and political perspectives. The degree is specifically designed to allow maximum curriculum flexibility and introduce students to the core business competencies: management, marketing, finance, economics, accounting, and business law.

The degree prepares students for a broad-range of essential business careers in retail, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, banking, insurance, government, not-for-profit, and other services firms. Business major graduates generally perform management, marketing, and finance skills for trainee or entry-level positions. Graduates are also prepared to pursue further study toward a graduate degree such as an MBA. As with any professional program, the classroom component of the Business degree is greatly enhanced by direct experience in a business environment. Accordingly, an internship program and field research opportunities expose students to the roles of management, marketing, and finance.