Chemistry - Faculty

Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics
The faculty of the Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics attempt to instill appropriate knowledge and understanding in each discipline in the school in order for our graduates to read and comprehend material appropriate to their discipline. We seek to broadly train students in order that they are prepared to enter the workforce or be successful in graduate or professional school. The programs in this school are committed to the liberal arts tradition with emphasis on free inquiry. Students are not expected simply to master their discipline knowledge, but rather they are encouraged to understand their discipline as a dynamic body of knowledge. Methods of producing new knowledge and using concepts to further understanding are two major goals of the school.

photo Axler, Keith
Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
Office: Weir 215
(830) 792-7246 |
Corrina Fox Fox, Corrina
Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry
(830) 792-7438  |
Daniel Hicks Hicks, Daniel
Laboratory Instructor of Chemistry
Office:  Moody Science 202C
(830) 792-7437  |
Dr. Kiley Miller Miller, Dr. Kiley
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office:  Moody Science 202B
(830) 792-7247  |
Dr. Angie Schladoer Schladoer, Dr. Angie
Adjunct Lab Instructor of Biology/Chemistry
Office: Moody 104C
(830) 792-7246 |
 Dr. Dannette Vines Vines, Dr. Danette
Professor of Chemistry
Office:  Moody Science 202A
(830) 792-7447  |
photo Zapata, Adrian
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: Trull Science 124
(830) 792-7270  |