BA Communication Studies Degree

Communication Studies major Katherine Harrell Was an intern at News Radio 1200 WOAI in San Antonio (Summer '14)Communication Studies focuses on the power and importance of effective communication in our everyday lives. Our courses help you to develop strong communication skills across a variety of contexts: personal, professional, media, intercultural, public relations, and in persuasive campaigns to accomplish social change.

(Photo right):  Communication Studies major Katherine Harrell was an intern at News Radio 1200 WOAI in San Antonio (Summer '14)

Enhanced Learning Opportunities:
At Schreiner University, we help you design a Communication Studies degree plan based on your specific career goals. Required 'core' courses target specific communication skills, and we also work closely with you to plan complementary elective courses, internships, and professional experience in Communication Studies. You will also be able to experience the exciting world of real-life research!

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After Graduation
There are several exciting career opportunities: journalism, strategic campaign manager, human resource-management, marketing and social media research, broadcasting, website content development, advertising, marketing, public relations and event management, counseling and mediation, social services, community relations, law, education, and public affairs and administration.