BA Communication Studies Degree

Communication Studies Degree at Schreiner University

Communication Studies provides you with the opportunity to discover the power and importance of effective communication - in your personal and professional relationships; in how you understand the world; in media messages and how they affect us; in intercultural encounters; and in campaigns that can accomplish social change.

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Enhanced Learning Opportunities:
At Schreiner University, we help design a Communication Studies degree plan based on your specific career goals. Along with the required 'core' courses and advanced courses that target specific communication skills, we work closely with you to plan complementary elective courses, internships, and locate campus opportunities that emphasize your particular area of interest within Communication Studies. You will also have the chance to experience the exciting world of real-life research!

After Graduation
As a Communication Studies graduate, there are endless exciting career opportunities, including: business administration, human resource-management, market and social research, media, broadcasting, journalism, website content development and user-generated content, advertising, marketing, public relations and event management, counseling and mediation, social services, and public affairs and administration.

Communication Studies provides you with a valuable skill-set for these careers and many more. This major is also a great foundation for graduate degrees in Communication, Education, and Law.