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BA Creative Arts

The Visual Art program seeks to provide an environment allowing for the exploration of creativity in the areas of Ceramics, Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Two- and Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing, Illustration, Photography, Electronic Imaging, Portfolio Design and Art History. Unique travel, cross-discipline and art history topics are also offered. Students are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary approach to learning by recognizing the many relationships existing between the visual arts and other disciplines. Emphasis is placed on developing student creativity through individual problem-solving. Foundation courses are designed to introduce formal elements and principles, materials and techniques, and the development of concepts. Lower division courses introduce students to various creative mediums. Upper division courses provide continued study of specific media, advanced compositional and conceptual problems, and the development of related and marketable skills. All students are required to develop and fabricate a professional portfolio in original and digital forms.

Graphic Design: ART 1301, ART 1302, ART 1320, ART 1340, ART 2310, ART 2340, BSAD 1301, ENGL 2310 and SOCI 1301 are required. Advanced courses that comprise a major in GRAPHIC DESIGN, are: ART 3301, ART 3302, ART 3312, ART 3341, ART 4350, ART 4351, ART 4360, ART 4398, ART 4399, BSAD 3320, BSAD 3321.

All students in visual art courses must maintain a 2.5 GPA or better for advancement to the next course level.

NOTE: All courses except ART 2340 and ART 3341 require students to purchase materials and tools to be used for class assignments.

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