2014 ATPE Summit

By Jordan Moody, a Schreiner education student specializing in English in grades 4–8, who will be student teaching Spring, 2015.

It was definitely an eventful summer for some of us lucky education students! Several of our campus ATPE (Association of Texas Professional Educators) members worked very hard the entire school year in order to attend ATPE Summit. Texas’ largest educator’s association provides teachers, college students training to be teachers, faculty, and administrators with very valuable benefits.

Katelyn Torres, Ashley Jones, Kathy Freeman and I hosted bake sale after bake sale hoping to raise enough money to attend and were ecstatic when we finally arrived. We met awesome teachers from all over Texas and were able to network with them about future job possibilities. We became familiar with the officers of Region 20, which is the region that governs Kerrville’s school districts, as well as most of the San Antonio area. Katelyn and I even got to sit in the front row as voting delegates for the 2014-2015 ATPE election ceremony.

Since Summit is a few days long, they planned many activities for teachers to take part in. Even though we wanted to attend every presentation possible, we were forced to only choose a few very helpful, informative leadership trainings such as, “100 Ideas for Improving Inclusive Schools” and “Elementary Extravaganza.” These training sessions are exceptionally beneficial to future teachers like us.

One of the most exciting group sessions was getting up close and personal with Wendy Davis and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Both publicly expressed their views and beliefs concerning the public education system, which we all know is a pretty touchy subject. It was so amazing to be able to sit right there, listen to both of their very different opinions, and actually be a part of it.

In our free time, we decided we didn’t want the learning to stop with Summit. We were in Austin and we were determined to make the most out of this experience. We stumbled upon Segway Nation, which gives tours of downtown Austin! We spent hours on those Segways, driving up and down the historical streets of Austin. We drove them through the Capitol and learned so much about our great state’s government headquarters. We had a blast! Aside from a few terrifying incidents and a couple of minor injuries, (I do suggest keeping your eyes ON the sidewalk when driving those things) we had a fantastic time.

All the hard work of Schreiner University’s ATPE members definitely paid off, but none of it would have been possible without our awesome sponsor, Dr. Karen Backor, and our tirelessly dedicated president, Katelyn Torres. We are so very thankful to them for providing us with this amazing educational opportunity, and we are more than excited to get back to work so we can attend again next year.