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Engineering Dual-Degree

Welcome to Schreiner Engineering!

Our engineering program is an embodiment of the Schreiner University motto, "Find your way here".  It is our goal to empower entering students in determining whether engineering is the right career choice for them, what type of engineering they are most interested in, and then plan a degree path that best suits their individual needs and aspirations.

In partnership with several other institutions, Schreiner offers a dual-degree engineering program.  Upon completion of our program, students will receive two bachelor's degrees, a BGS in Applied Science from Schreiner and a BS in Mechanical Engineering (or Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Petroleum, etc) from an ABET accredited program.  Schreiner Engineering students will take their liberal arts core courses, calculus sequence and upper level mathematics, chemistry and physics, and lower level engineering coursework including statics and dynamics from Schreiner faculty on our beautiful Hill Country campus.  They will finish the engineering portion of the degree requirements by taking upper level engineering coursework from a fully accredited engineering degree program.  Starting in Fall 2016, we are very pleased to announce that through partnership with the University of North Dakota and their first-in-the-nation online undergraduate engineering degree, our students are able to complete this upper level coursework while still residing on our Kerrville campus, surrounded by the friends and colleagues that they've developed close ties with.

Why choose Schreiner Engineering?

  • Small Class Sizes.  We routinely offer calculus, chemistry, physics, statics, and dynamics sections that have about 12 students.  It is very rare that these classes have more than 24 students, and the largest classroom on campus only holds about 40.  You may find 10x this many students in an auditorium at some large state schools.
  • Math Support.  Schreiner prides itself on its mathematics and mathematics education programs, and they will do everything they can to prepare you for the rigorous engineering coursework to come.  About half of our students start with pre-calculus to refresh themselves on the fundamentals, and this does not impact their ability to start taking physics or engineering courses at the same time as their peers who start in calculus.
  • Big Fish in a Small Pond.  We have many students with the talents and resumes to attend any school they want.  They choose Schreiner because we can offer an opportunity to lead from the moment they set foot on campus.  Schreiner engineers are starters on our Division III soccer team, win presentation awards at state-wide academic conferences, and are very active in the Mountaineer Mentor program.  If you want to start or lead a club, sink your teeth into a research project, or participate in inter-collegiate athletics, Schreiner is a place where you can make your mark, even as an underclassman.
  • Familial Atmosphere.  About 30% of our students are the first in their family to attend college.  We don't want you to just be the first to 'attend' college - we want you to be the first to GRADUATE from college.  At a larger institution, students often find themselves surrounded by strangers.  We instead consider ourselves the Schreiner Family, and after just a few weeks on campus, you will recognize almost everyone here.  It can't be overemphasized how much of a role your personal happiness and comfort will play in your academic success, and while it may seem a little thing for students, faculty and staff to smile and say hello to each other as they pass on the sidewalk - it's these little things that make all the difference.  They make Schreiner feel like home.

Closing Remarks

Schreiner University's mission is to prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives, in a changing global society.  Our liberal arts core education produces well-rounded engineers ready to face the problems of the future (aging infrastructure, alternative energy, environmental protection, and many others) where decisions are not only 'what can be done' but 'what should be done'.

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