English and World Languages - Faculty


 Sally Hannay Hannay, Sarah (Sally)   bio
Professor of English
Office: A.C. Schreiner 202
(830) 792-7274 |  shannay@schreiner.edu
 Dr. Kathleen Hudson Hudson, Dr. Kathleen   bio
Professor of English & Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST)
Office: Weir 102
(830) 792-7409  |  khudson@schreiner.edu
 Lydia Kualapai Kualapai, Dr. Lydia K. bio
Professor of English
Chair, Dept. of English & World Languages
Fulbright Scholar
Office: A.C. Schreiner 102
(830) 792-7413 |  lkkualapai@schreiner.edu
Susie McCalla McCalla, Susie
Adjunct Instructor, English
 Dr. Charlie McCormick McCormick, Dr. Charlie
Schreiner University President
Professor of English
Office: Tom Murray Building
(830) 792-7345 | ctmccormick@schreiner.edu
Krisann Muskievicz Muskievicz, Dr. Krisann
Assistant Professor of English
Coordinator, Minor in Medical Humanities
Coordinator, Vesalius Living & Learning Community
Office: Trull Residence Hall 134
(830) 896-7105 |  kemuskievicz@schreiner.edu
Dr. Nancy Nystrom Nystrom, Dr. Nancy   bio
Instructor of English
Office:  A. C. Schreiner 211R
(830) 792-7429  |  njnystrom@schreiner.edu
 Dr. Tim Summerlin Summerlin, Dr. Tim
Schreiner University Chancellor
Professor of English
Office: Tom Murray Building
(830) 792-7326 |  tsummerl@schreiner.edu
 Dr. William Woods Woods, Dr. William  bio
Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Professor of English
Office: A.C. Schreiner 204L
(830) 792-7425 |  wwwoods@schreiner.edu


Dr. Rui Cao Cao, Dr. Rui
Instructor of Chinese
Coordinator, Texas Language Consortium
Office:  A.C. Schreiner 211L
(830) 792-7367 | rcao@schreiner.edu
Kathleen Croom Croom, Kathleen
Adjunct Instructor of Spanish
Office:  Weir 209
(830) 792-7416  |  kjcroom@schreiner.edu
Dr. Melissa Marks Marks, Dr. Melissa
Adjunct Instructor of German
Office:  A.C. Schreiner 210
(830) 792-7295 | mmarks@schreiner.edu
Lori Mayles-Wells Mayles-Wells, Lori
Adjunct Instructor of French
Office:  A.C. Schreiner 209
(830) 792-7410  |  llmayleswells@schreiner.edu
Dr. Maureen Russo Russo, Dr. Maureen
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Office: AC Schreiner 103
(830) 792-7271  |  mrusso@schreiner.edu