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Kayaking Trip Two students bicycling outdoors Three students fishing in river


 Kayaking Trip

Female in kayak

The goal was to experience different types of exercise outside of the walls of a gym or the loop around campus. We also made sure all the meals were nutritious—low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol and plenty of fruits and veggies. We cooked all our meals on an open fire. The weather got cold, but the fire was warm. The only scary part was the skunk that came up to our campsite a number of times, but the boys ran it off each time. In the end, our greatest accomplishment was bringing six students together from different parts of the state who might not normally hang out with each other. Now these students have created new friendships and a lifelong memory.

Female Kayaking Two females outdoors near an RV Six students standing on a country road Three students in two kayaks  
Three students in two kayaks Three females on hillside Male skipping a rock at the river Two males & two females on a hillside Five students at night with kayaks