Schreiner University has an extraordinarily successful track record for preparing its Pre-Med students for medical school or any other post-graduate study that may interest them. Credit small classes, abundant and escalated undergraduate research opportunities, and the enhanced perspective that a liberal arts education affords.

Schreiner has long-anticipated two major shifts across the globe in how medical doctors are prepared.
  • Competency-based medical education—replacing memorizing endless lists of facts and data that will continue to change with developing skills and competencies based on a wide range of patient needs. There is clearly an advantage for liberal arts college pre-med students, who have been guided in how to make good decisions.       
  • Interprofessional Education—when health professions students from two or more fields learn with and from each other to improve a patient's quality of care. Schreiner students master the complexities of being part of a team.

Schreiner students participate in experiences such as global medical missions, physician shadowing and J.A.M.P. (Joint Admission Medical Program), which greatly enhance their medical school choices.

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