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Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health

Schreiner University offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Public Health. Students in the public healthPublic Health major are interested in health related fields, and may seek to work in international missions. It is a broad, interdisciplinary degree, relying heavily on the arts and sciences. The Public Health program at Schreiner University produces graduates who contribute in meaningful ways in entry level positions to the conduct and advancement of the essential services of public health, including monitoring the health communities, educating about health and advocating for health, enforcing health-related laws and regulations, mobilizing community partnerships to identify and solve health problems, and researching new insights and innovative solutions to health problems. Graduates of the program may work in government and private agencies that promote disease detection and prevention, develop public policy related to health, and provide education related to public health. public health

The major in Public Health consists of PBHL 3371, 3372, 3373, 3471, 4374, 4397 and 4355 and BIOL 3414.

A minor in Public Health must choose at least 6 hours from the following courses: BIOL 1102/1301, BIOL 2401, BIOL 1103/1302, BIOL 2402, BIOL 2331, MATH 1310, or SOCI 2304 and includes the following upper level classes: PBHL 3371, PBHL 3372, PBHL 3373, and PBHL 3471

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BS Public Health

Community Course held in Nepal May 2014
Community Course held in Tansen, Nepal in May 2014
Pictured: Campus Chief from Lumbini Medical College, the local community health volunteer, Ruth Grubesic, Assistant Professor for Nursing and Public Health;Schreiner student Caitlin Magargee and Schreiner graduate Jana DeJesus

public health


    Fall (odd years)  1300, 3360, 1301, 4307, 3306, 4399
    Spring (even years)  1301, 3340, 4399, 3304, 3350, 3305, 3361
    Fall (even years)  1300, 3360, 1301, 4370, 3303, 4399
    Spring (odd years)  1301, 4330, 4399 3350, 4340, 3361, 4360


Dr. Ruth Grubesic Grubesic, Dr. Ruth
Associate Professor for Nursing and Public Health
Office:  Trull Science 220
(830) 792-7250  |
Linda Kaufman Kaufman, Linda
Adjunct Instructor of Public Health