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BA Degree with a major in Religion

Schreiner University offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Religion.

The study of religion might be justified solely on the argument that one cannot understand our own culture or that of others without coming to terms with religion’s aspirations, symbols, practices and values.

The study of religion at Schreiner University, however, seeks to move beyond the mere description of religion’s cultural students on campus at Schreiner Universitysignificance by exploring the way the Christian faith narrates the meaning and purpose of human life in God’s redemptive activity in Jesus Christ. Informed by the Reformed tradition’s conviction that faith is inseparable from life, the study of religion at Schreiner will endeavor to challenge students to integrate what is learned academically with what is lived out in faith.

At Schreiner, the study of religion is a ‘‘humanity,’’ and therefore understands itself to be open to and the beneficiary of other realms of knowledge described in the curriculum. It is expected that students who major in religion will take advantage of elective hours to explore a broad spectrum of courses that will enrich their lives and prepare them for occupations and vocations in a wide variety of human endeavors.

In order to nurture Christian discipleship among Schreiner University students, to respond to students’ needs, to provide ‘‘whole-person’’ educational opportunities, and to encourage service to the Church, the Christian Vocations Intern Program (CVIP) has implemented an experiential, field-oriented, learning and serving program under the supervision of trained mentors and teachers. The CVIP is dedicated to providing the opportunity for students to integrate their faith and academic learning by using both in practical settings to prepare themselves to be Christian leaders throughout their lives and to consider the possibility of a call to service in the church.

Students must take a minimum of 12 semester hours in the field of religion including Old and New Testament. In addition, a minimum of 6 semester hours in either education, psychology, or business are required in order to enroll in the internship course during the senior year. Students will be given individualized assistance in planning their course options during their time at Schreiner University. Extra-curricular opportunities will be offered to enhance the students’ study and growth towards a vocational choice.

Students who plan to major in Religion must schedule RELI 1303, 1304, and 1320, and PHIL 1301 into their program during their first two years, along with HIST 1350 and 1351.

The major in Religion requires 24 semester hours of advanced work, including RELI 4395, 4398 or 4399. Six semester hours of the 24 may consist of advanced philosophy courses.

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BA Religion

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Dr. Clark Elliston Elliston, Dr. Clark
Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Director, Honors Program
Office:  A.C. Schreiner 214R
(830) 792-7338   |
Judy Ferguson Ferguson, Judy
Adjunct Instructor, Religion
Director, Christian Vocations Internship Program
Office:  Campus Ministry Center
(830) 792-7287  |
Dr. Christopher Starr Starr, Dr. Christopher (Cole)
Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Office:  A.C. Schreiner 201L
(830) 792-7419  |