1301. (1301) INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF SOCIETY  An introduction to the study of social structure, groups, institutions, socialization, cultural differences and problems. The course stresses the sociological explanations which underlie patterns of behavior such as the myth of the ‘‘melting pot,’’ racial and sexist discrimination, advertising and media trends, family values, the growth of an American underclass, and deviant behavior.

2302. (2301) MARRIAGE AND FAMILY  A study of social systems and psychological factors affecting the pivotal institution of marriage in the late 20th century. The systems theory of family therapy will be utilized to illuminate how family structure and reciprocal processes create the family roles. The course will consider factors which contribute to a rewarding married life.

2303. INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK  Development of the philosophy and practice of social work in the United States. A survey of the various fields and techniques of social work with special attention given to requirements for graduate training in the professional schools. Prerequisite: SOCI 1301.