BA Sports Management Degree

Sports Management Degree at Schreiner University

About the Photo:   "My job is to acquire new business for the Minnesota Twins. I reach out to people who have never been season ticket or suite holders, as well as former season ticket or suite holders, and try to get them on board with the Twins ... Brad Thomas, Class of 2012 ... read more

Schreiner offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Sport Management.  The Sport Management major prepares students for careers in the fields of sport business, management of sport, and sport marketing by combining business related courses with studies of sport and physical education.  The Sport Management major at Schreiner University is designed for those individuals who wish to embark on one of the following career paths: (1) pursue a career in Sport Administration, such as an Athletic Director at a high school; (2) go on to graduate studies and work on the college/university level; (3) work with professional sports teams and professional athletes; and/or (4) manage and direct sport facilities such as health clubs, sports arenas, ball parks, and stadia.