VN Entrance Exam Requirements

Vocational Nursing Applicants:  Schreiner will no longer be offering the DET test. You may submit scores either from ACCUPLACR passing all sections or THEA (previously called the TASP), ACT with a score of at least 20 or SAT test with a score of at least 940. Remember if you have a college English and Math class with a 2.0 GPA, you may be exempt from taking any test.

The scores you need for the ACCUPLACER is as follows:
• Reading Comprehension – 78
• Sentence Skills – 80
• Essay – 6
• Math – 70

The scores you need for the THEA is as follows:
• Math – 230
• Reading – 230
• Writing – 220/5

If you choose to take the ACCUPLACER you may call Alamo Colleges at 830-896-0049 to find out what you need to take the test on their campus. They are located here in Kerrville. They usually offer this test every Wednesday.