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Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work - Schreiner ExperienceThe purpose of the Meaningful Work Initiative is to develop, promote and foster opportunities to connect and authenticate work experiences for Schreiner students, and to provide support and resources for faculty and staff to enhance experiential learning opportunities. The Office of Meaningful Work helps create experiences that lead Schreiner students to develop the skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and dispositions to be successful in a diverse workforce.


The Schreiner Work-Study Program is coordinated through the Office of Meaningful Work in the Department of Career Development. Our offices are located on the 2nd floor of the CCAC. Students can find out more about work-study job opportunities and the application process on the Schreiner work-study page.

Schreiner GROW
This fall marks the launch of Schreiner GROW (Guided Reflection on Work) as part of the Meaningful Work Initiative. Based on IOWA GROW® at The University of Iowa, this program will involve discussions between work-study student employees and their supervisors. The guided reflection aims to enhance the workplace preparation of students by helping them connect the skills and experience gained on the job to their coursework and future career goals. Look for details in the coming weeks!


An internship affords students the opportunity to gain pre-professional experience in a particular career field. Interns are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-life work situations, while learning from and working with professionals. Students have the chance to test the waters of various career fields and gain valuable workplace experience. For more information access our Resources for Students and Alumni page.

Meaningful Work Certificate
Schreiner students have the opportunity to earn a Meaningful Work Certificate. The certificate will complement the diploma as part of a co-curricular transcript that charts students' completion of, or participation in, activities and events that focus on career development.

Meaningful Work Experiential Learning Grant Application

For more information about this or any of our programs please contact:
David Reast
Coordinator of Meaningful Work
Office of Career Development
(830) 792-7451