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Bryan Benway

Bryan Benway

Hi!  My name is Bryan Benway and I’m the Assistant Director of Admission here at Schreiner University. I work with students primarily in the San Antonio area.

My career background is unique. Before coming to Schreiner I worked in sports media for over 10 years, including as a national sports talk show host where I covered marquee boxing and MMA fights in Las Vegas, as well as the NBA Finals and NBA All-Star game on site! In my career I was fortunate to be able to  travel to nearly 40 U.S states, as well as countries like Japan, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan, among others. I also currently am a play by play announcer in San Antonio, calling games on the radio during high school football season, as well as calling select games for the San Antonio Rampage hockey team.

The biggest reason I came to Schreiner was that I really enjoyed speaking to students of all ages around the world, so I figured why not do it full time! And here I am now, working for a great university like Schreiner where I get to interact with students and parents on a daily basis and be a part of the family here. The moment I set foot on the Schreiner campus I knew this is where I wanted to be. I hope to see you on campus and enrolled at Schreiner in the future!

Bryan Benway
Assistant Director of Admission