Bryan Benway, Admission Counselor

Bryan Benway

Hi!  My name is Bryan Benway and I’m an Admission Counselor here at Schreiner University. My career background is unique. Before coming to Schreiner I worked in sports media for over 10 years, including as a national sports talk show host where I covered marquee boxing and MMA fights in Las Vegas, as well as the NBA Finals and NBA All-Star game on site! In my career I was fortunate to be able to  travel to nearly 40 U.S states, as well as countries like Japan, Chinese Taipei, Taiwan, among others. The biggest reason I came to Schreiner was that I really enjoyed speaking to students of all ages around the world, so I figured why not do it full time! And here I am now, working for a great university like Schreiner where I get to interact with students and parents on a daily basis and be a part of the family here. The moment I set foot on the Schreiner campus I knew this is where I wanted to be. I hope to see you on campus and enrolled at Schreiner in the future!

Bryan Benway
Admission Counselor