Caleb Ambrose, Admission Counselor

Caleb Ambrose
Hey!  My name is Caleb Ambrose and I work with any students from the Houston area or from East Texas.  I also oversee the campus visit program here at Schreiner.  We work really hard to make every student’s trip to Schreiner a memorable experience.  I hope that you can visit campus soon!  I am an alumnus of Schreiner (c/o 2011) and was a tour guide as well as catcher on the baseball team during my time as a student.  I really enjoyed my time as a student because of the community on campus.  It felt like I knew everybody and they all knew me!  That wasn’t an experience that I got in high school so it was GREATLY appreciated in college!  After college I traded in my baseball pants for golf shorts.  You can find me on the golf course most weekends.  I love to share my Schreiner experience with anyone who wants to listen, so give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions that I can answer!  Hope to see you on campus for a tour soon!

Caleb Ambrose
Assistant Director of Admission