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Texas Map - SU Counselors

Freshmen Admission Counselors
  Austin/Waco – Laura Miggins
  Dallas/Ft. Worth – Caroline Randall
  Hill Country – Laura Miggins
  Houston – Caleb Ambrose
  San Antonio – Bryan Benway
  Valley/Corpus Christi – Caroline Randall
  West Texas – Caleb Ambrose
  East Texas – Caleb Ambrose
  Out-of-state – Caroline Randall
Transfer Admission Counselor
   Janie Groll

International Admission Counselor
   Caroline Randall

Vocational Nursing Admission Counselor
   Donna Keeling

RN to BSN (Online) Admission Counselors
   Lori Smith
   Danielle Rucker

Greystone Admission Counselor
   Donna Keeling

Graduate Admission Counselor
   Caroline Randall